12 Best Animal Shaped Heating Pad

Note : All the 12 best heating pads which  listed below is of Intelex Brand. This incorporated brand in powered by Amazon.com. Along with serve their product past 10 year as reputed best seller. 

All in One Pack- Choose Here Your Best Animal

Animal shape heating pad

Pick Your Favorite animal shape for Cozy Warmth

Product By : Intelex (Amazon Best Seller)

Popularity reason of these French lavender Warmer

This animal shaped pad has best of best friend for all those who want to stick with pet soul entire time. Other type of community used these pad to keep themselves stay warm while they travel, study, gossips & infect sleeping. One could people like these warmies because these have filled lavender grained stuffed plushy material. The Croma of French lavender is sweet with slightly camphorous scent.

Fortunately, you can heat these animal shape warmies by using microwave. Although they are good companion for intense winter season. Again children's, elders & old personality found these stuffed animal a helping hand for the relief of hyper tension, stress, pain , aches, chills, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, cramps & tendonitis.

In order to care infants or pregnant lady you might gift them a favorite pet. So, they can enjoy time with full of joy and warmth. This premium packet have already accepted by 10,000 plus endeavors. you could also check it here on amazon. A French lavender toy available in 12 styles or animal shapes. Price is fluctuated between $15 to $30. However it depend upon the size pet that you choose to buy. 

Best 12 Animal Shape Premium Collection Pads

Take a look each of five respectively. As every pad manufactured by same company. Just of that material exact same of dried French lavender and grains. The outer surface comprised of fluffy soft material . despite price is slightly ups & down. So, check all of these 12 best pet shape heated pad with high quality image and actual cost. Lets go ..

1. Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Animal (Elephant Shape)

This is baby elephant style lavender stuffed friend. Finest choice for every person who love elephant .

elephant shape heated pad

Price : $20.13 Check Here

2. Soft & Silky Heated Pad For Cat Lovers

I am also purchased too this cat shaped warmer. It was fantastic . Small had pleasant . I have two cats .Unfortunately, they also played with Toy . 

cat shape animal heating pad

Price : 20.19 Check Here

3. Lion Shape Lavender Dummy for Strong Guys

A  surprise gift for your best friend. That's a proud moment that anyone get this amazing product.

Lion shape animal heating pad

Price : $19.50 Check Here

4. Panda is common choice of everyone - Get Warmy Pleasure

Almost childhood or young age love birds like this astonish gift. Pick one for tight sleep. 

Best friend panda French lavender heated pad

Price : 20.57 Check Here

5. Microwavable French Lavender Monkey Shaped Heated Pad

Monkey toy is likely inspired for play. If your baby frisky in nature then He/she must love this Warmer. This is good choice toasty warmth with entertainment.

Monkey shaped heated pad

Price : $ 21.34 Check Here

6. Luckily a Pampered choice for Extreme Fun & Relaxation - Hippo Shape Warmer

This is affordable. Looks barely awesome. You could go for it and create soothing environment around. 

Hippo shape heating pad for warmth

Price : 21.35 Check Here

7. Best Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush - Brown Bunny

Brown color bunny is a reluctant choice for everyone who gratify toward rabbit . Consequently this stunning choice bunny is for you. 

French lavender bunny

Price : $18.80 Check Here

8. Your Innocent Friend Bunny Ready To Meet You -  Rabbit Shape

Light pink color Rabbit is appropriate choice for girls and small babies. Most of ladies also love to get this fabulous gift . Get it fast on amazon

Rabbit shape heating pad

Price : $18.59 Check Here

9. A Beautiful Cow Available in pretty Color

Oh its a cow or you called a milk mother and a sober animal known for its simple behavior. If you are also look simple and any of your close friend then you gift them a beautiful gift cow.

A beautiful cow animal shape heating pad

Price :  $ This was unavailable Right Now On Amazon

10. A Honest Dog Heated Warmer For Dog Parents

If you have a Four legged friend already in house then its one right choice for you. This will help you to feel comfortable and toasty all the time.

Best dog Shape heating pads for warmth

Price : $16.93 Check Here

11. Few One but Frog Lover Also Like This Warmer In Frog Shape

Many of doesn't know that frog is also pet animal and belong to the family of amphibians group . This animal can be long lived. So, do you think to make survival home for them . Yes go ahead and also order this frog shape warmer for your winter season .

Best Frog shape warmer in green color

Price : $22.44 Check Here

12. Long Neck Animal Giraffe Ready to Make your Heat Warmer

This is Giraffe a very famous animal from the childhood or remember it in your Elementary school days. Purchase this precious Gift for you or you little ones.

Long neck animal Giraffe warmer

Price : $21.59 Check Here


1. Can you microwave lavender heated pad?

Yes, you can keep it under microwave and heat for few minutes to accelerate long hour warmth. You can amid it inside you blanket or cuddle in your arms. This has pleasant fragrance of lavender, which makes environment romantic.   

2. Where i can buy Lavender Heating Pads in Animal Shape?

This was easy you can visit to an offline shop who basically sale soft toys or stuffed animal toy. Another easy way you direct order it from any trusted online store like amazon. 

3. Time taken to heat microwave lavender shape heating pad?

It has basically depend upon the capacity of your microwave. If you have high capacity then heat the lavender pad for 30 sec otherwise heat it for 1 to 1.30 min (for low capacity microwave). 

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