Indian spitz vs Pomeranian

Most people are always confused with the Indian spitz dog and the Pomeranian dog. You think they are the same. But that’s not true. There are many differences that can distinguish a Pomeranian and Indian Spitz. These two look similar which is the main reason people get confused about them.

  1. Pomeranian –

The Pomeranian is the most popular dog breed in India. It became very popular in 2000-2008 and is one of the cheapest dog breeds in India. They used to be very large and used for sheep. That’s why they call him Wolfspitz. It comes from Pomerania.

It can live up to 12 to 18 years. It weighs about 3 to 7 kilograms. This is a very light dog. Available in various colors. You can buy the one you like the most. Available in blue, white, black, orange, red and brown. They are small dogs. Very easy to carry. He is very sweet, loyal and intelligent.

dog indian

He has a short back. an active toy dog ​​that has a very prominent tail. It is sensitive to extreme heat and extreme cold. This means that it needs a temperate climate and is suitable for India. Can live peacefully with other pets. This is a guard dog. It warns the owner if something is approaching the house. This is an inquisitive, playful, and attentive dog. Pomeranians are usually easy to breed. Although small, but need regular exercise.

Pomeranian costs range from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees in India. Sometimes it can be more than 10k.

  1. Indian Spitz
    The Indian Spitz is a very friendly dog ​​breed. This breed of dog is not aggressive. He is also very loyal to his owner. He is also an excellent guard dog. The size varies from small to medium. It can live up to 10 to 15 years. It weighs about 9 to 20 kilograms. Available in various colors – white, black and brown.
Indian spitz

This is a medium sized dog. This is a good guard dog and a good guard dog. He is very loyal to his owner. He has almond shaped eyes. He can easily live with his parents. He is very intelligent and can even learn tricks from his master. This is one of the best dog breeds to buy in India.

Not suitable for very cold or very hot climates. It can easily live in temperate climates like India. These dogs can live with families with children. Since the Indian Spitz are medium in size, they can also live in small houses. He can eat homemade food and dog food.

The price of these dogs in India is at least 4,000-8,000.

A few more differences –
There are several points where Indian Spitz can be distinguished from Pomeranian Spitz. Both dogs make good family dogs and can coexist with beetle families and small families. Pomeranian and Indian Spitz are good guard dogs. But the Pomeranian is a better guard dog than the Indian Spitz.

The Pomeranian has a much flatter face than the Indian Spitz and the big difference is that the Indian Spitz is larger than the Pomeranian. The Pomeranian has a thick coat that makes the skin difficult to see, while the Indian Spitz has a pure white double coat.

The Indian Spitz has long, pointed ears, while the Pomeranian has relatively small ears.

After reading these differences, I hope you will differentiate between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz and you are no longer confused between the two.

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