Extra Large Pee Pads For Older Dogs

Now your four legged friend got older and doesn't strong as much compare of young age. So, care is must at this uneven time. However you always come  forward to search a bests product for their ease. Today you here on right web page. Where you delight from best pee pads for older dogs. This is our hard work that we make a profound collection of pee pads by analyzing 100 plus pads. Well, check these below .I share four extra large pad. In which 2 is disposable and 2 other is washable pads. 

Two Best Seller Disposable Pee Pads

best of best pee pads for older dogs extra large

AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Extra Large pad for Older Dog

PRICE : $25.99

extra large pee pads for dogs 2

Hartz Lavender Scent Odor - Extra Large Pee Pads For Dogs

PRICE : $34.06

Two Best Seller Washable Pee Pads 

extra large washable pee pad 1

Yangbaga Extra Thick & Large Odor Control Washable Pee Pad For Older Dog

PRICE : $23.99

extra large washable pee pad 2

SincoPet Fast Observing Machine Washable Pads For Older Dogs + Free Grooming Gloves

PRICE : $32.95

Which Type of Pee Pad Good For Older Dog

Actually two type of pads available in market. First is one time usable pad & another is washable pad for reuse. Now question implant that which one work extra ordinary for the senior dogs. So, here is situation arouse that a senior or old canine doesn't accelerate distance. Due to this reason they comparatively less chance to pee outside the house.

Now the fact that every type of person living in this world have alter choice but my experience tell single time use pads are better opt because it was easy and comfortable. Just use and dug in earth. Whereas washable pee pads rectify problem in case of older dogs because it has process of wash and dry then use.

If you are living in a polar area wherever the cold is common most time. Like these place people barely use products that was easy to use and moisture resistive. So all these pads i show you next have power to change liquid (urine) into gel. Whilst pad can resist more liquid without any leakage. 

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jumbo size pad for older dog

Glad Store New & Improved Quality Urine Instantly Absorb Pee Pad.

Basically this pad designed for the potty training of dogs. Entirely, this has ben available in three sizes ultra, standard and Jumbo. Well its jumbo size would suitable for older & large breed canine. Consecutively, jumbo shape have ability to constrain 6 cups liquid. Thereby its precise for less frequent changing. Check it on amazon or read more review for separate choice. 

7  Extra Large Best Pee Pad For Olden Dogs

First of all every seven pad list on the circumstances of quality, customer review and on behalf of our personal attention. We guarantee that the information in this blog post surely help you to choose 1 best pee pads for your best four legged friend. Lets continue ....

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1. Original AmazonBasics Large Size Dog Pee Pad 

All the AmazonBasics product is being ready by the amazon manufacture house. So, they always tend to focus on each unit prepared. However, this pee pad also follow all the consequences that's necessary for quality and customer satisfaction. In their launching period AmazonBasics Brand often deliver small pads. Indeed it had looked over customer demand and emerge themselves to ready both type of pads. Likewise it made possible that you receive extra large size pads direct by amazon . These pads are reliable in term of price and affordable by every pet parents. Now take a look their features and safety determination for sturdy performance.

The X-Large convenient size come with 50 pieces in one bundle. Each pee pads have long lasting in performance & restrain the fluid without any leakage. Its plastic lining well suited for ultimate floor protection. During entire process the super - absorbed core regularly turn interrupted liquid into gel like substance. Thereby it can easily stick under the layer of pad.

As the surface pretend to be dry. Therefore its pass natural vibes that makes build-in-attractant environment all around the pad. Thus it has been natural call dog could sit on pad without lousy sensation. 

Though, its size measured 28 by 34 inches(length*breadth). That's why we called them heavy duty pad. All these concept we discussed before tribute to 5 layer protection. For easy understanding these protection layer known as anti-streaming top layer, sugar layer, sponge like core and two plastic layer in footer. 

Amazon basics pee pads for older dogs


  • One packet include 50 X-Large pee pads
  • Capable to turn urine into Gel
  • Leakproof design with lining layer
  • Quick Dry. Therefore create build-attract environment. 
  • Secured by 5 standard layer


  • NO scent odor


This is ultimate choice. Some of buyer get odor issue but its common . If you use it regular then you might be friendly with it. 

2. YangBaba Washable Pee Pad 36x64in Fit For Older Dogs

Please skip to next pad review if you're looking for disposable instead of washable. Well would you stopped here. So, lets we move to know more about this YangBaba washable pee pad. Confidently a pad is inevitable choice for older & physically weak dogs. With respect to size , It had looked very bigger in mentioned image. However, we ourselves tested this YangBaba pad by donating it into animal rescue center.  They told us the pad has been worked perfect. During the conversation they asked address from us for placing more orders. Well this was the testing and successfully deliver result as we aspect. 

Now its a glare to fascinate with specification, features and safety innovation. So, first of all this washable pee pad finished using 4 protected layer material. If has great tendency while absorption. A premium fabric on the top make it captive the urine within 2-3 minutes. A precise layer of rubber bulges at the back side help to hold urine inside the pad safe zone.

Best of Best concentric part is that has been directly washed over & over up to 300 times without any shrinkage or sludge draft. Take it easy while treating untidy pad. Remember, hold the four corner together and trough it into washing machine.

Eventually, four protective layer include ...

  1. Velcro cloth absorbs urine
  2. Absorbent cotton hold urine and odor inside the pad
  3. Premium velvet prevents urine from leaking 
  4. Non slip rubber layer.
yangbaba pee pads for older dogs


  • Used premium cloth for great absorbency.
  • Absorb urine and odor within 2-3 minutes
  • Non slip rubber bulges locked urine beside the pad 
  • Washable and reusable
  • Save money and earth


  • Its better if more color available. 

Verdict :

This astonish product well versed accepted by accomplished large breed dog owner & animal sanctuary. 

3. Hartz Odor Eliminating Lavender Scent Extra Large Pee Pad

This is our third best choice in the métier of disposable large pee pads. These  would deliberately used for senior & aged dog recuperating from injury & killer disease such as arthritis & hip-dysplasia. It's been available in three module Regular, XL and XXL. So what should you like to keep for your   pet. As per our recommendation XXL has enhance suited on lookover your search query.  Almost 20 thousands regular subscriber of Hartz pad share their honest review on amazon and tell how this ultimate product help them & interrupted despite of pee & urine involvement. I think you should well known aware about pad basic feature. If you invest it before. But this time you're looking best one which have exceptional quality. Relax, it's the process of deep research that we already done for you. Look here Hartz Dog pee pads and also know more about incorporated feature used during pad manufacture process. 

Lets began from flash dry technology. yes, this has highly appreciable technology which convert pee into gel and likewise locked moisture. Thereby you could prevent from messy leaks & unpleasant smell.  

Not end up to here, That has one superior feature is Odor Eliminating Lavender Scent. It would simply neutralize the odor on reacting with lavender scent. Unfortunately. This advance fragrance only imply in XXL size. it's 6 layer absorption capability which makes it more convenient and sturdy. 

Hartz pee pads for older dogs


  • Come up with lavender scent to eliminate the unpleasant odors.
  • Unique Flash-Dry technology turn liquid into gel
  • 6 layer superior absorption
  • Leak proof protection with plastic backing
  • Perfect for senior and older Dogs


  • Price is slightly high in compare of first choice

Verdict :

It's price worth if we looked in term of features and quality offered by manufacturer. So, I recommend get it if you have large size canine. 

4. SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad XXL Fast Observing & Machine Washed 

One time more we familiar you with machine washable extra large dog pad. This Sincopet brand is basically bigger in size as compare of previous one Yangbaba machine washable pee pad. Packed with buy one get one free offer. Yes, free puppy grooming gloves complementary added with shipping packet. So, it's a great deal in affordable price. Now lets move and introduce you about collective feature of this best buy product. Pad 4 layer is a great combined material that primarily focus is liquid absorption. It has breathable waterproof PUL inner layer & topmost layer covered with 100% polyester knitting fabric. The bottom have adhesive anti-slip silica gel bottom. So, it has a good bounding with floor. Hence hardly stick to the ground when your dog play any activity. 

Check it on fix duration and take out when you realize pad has fully tight. Though pad is washable. So you'll through it inside machine for reuse. More while a suitable opponent for indoor and outdoor projection. We found it a ideal parameter for the safety of woodfloor, carpet, furniture and car seats during journey. 

Machine washable pee pads for older dogs


  • A very bigger size 36"x 41" in compare of others
  • Shipping added free gloves with packet
  • Breathable layers for great absorption
  • Anti-Slip silica gel bottom


  • because of the smell, the puppy likes to bite this pad a lot

Verdict :

A pack of two pad with one free gift is a good prediction to avail this deal with great features & improved quality.  

5. Glad Brand New & Improved Quality Jumbo Size Pad For Senior Dogs

5th obedient choice is connected with Brand Glad store. You're happy to knowing that the pad was already order & delivery accepted by 30 thousands customers. This data record would scraped by amazon website. As per the study of comments predefined by the verified buyers. Likewise it has more easy to identify the comprehensiveness of pee pad along with pros & cons. So, lets start with technology prioritize during the design period. Though pad has a quilted cushion behavior to prevent fluid from spreading. In addition, The polymer layer at instant perform while the liquid comes in touch. Polymer reaction takes few seconds to convert liquid into gel. As you know gel have adhesive property. Thus it trap the urine into the internal layer of pad and pampered the dryness as long as 24 hours. By virtue of it you don't need to agile any worry or tension.

One of the best step has been taken in the reference of pee pad stability & performance is 5 layer protection. We really excited when we personally used it for our older dog. It's doesn't a new feature as we described or role out here in sense of 5 layer value. You're right buddy because I'm also confused at previous but when I kept pee pad in hand the i realize this pad is version in compare of normal pads. 

Onto one more surprise double your enthusiasm moment and that is carbon technology. Many of pet owners despite I said all the pet owner face odor problem then it's not wrong statement. Yes me too pass out from this lousy odor situation. Now I figure out the solution in form of carbon technology. It neutralize the odor and as whole absorbs the yellow spots which are the main source of odors.

At last you can go for it because it had a ideal métier for older and senior class dogs. 

jumbo size pad for senior dogs


  • Incorporated with quilted cushioned technology 
  • Polymer layer turn urine into gel
  • 5 Layer leak proof protection
  • Pads ideal for senior dogs, older canine and large breeds
  • These are best pheromonal attractant. 


  • Lavender Scent doesn't featured. 

Verdict :

Best and improved version in the series of disposal pads. Available in jumbo size. So ,entirely fit for older canine and easy to replace by new one. Lavender Scent fragrance missed but a carbon technique replace their position and help to get rid of lousy smell of pee. 

6. Reusable, Absorbent & Odor Controlling Large Size Pad 30x32 Inches

This large size pad hold 6th place in our selection list but compile third position in the race of washable pee pads. The ultra size have dimension measurement 30 x 32 inch & available in 2 count with same price $26.24. It means you could receive per pad $13.12/count. Just like other pad review this one have also 4 layer design for long lasting performance. It's to be organized top to bottom layer such as wicking top layer, Instashield absorbent core, Leak proof backsheet & non-slip bottom. A topmost layer have maximum absorbency. Thereby quickly wicks urine or liquid.

One quilted advantage you prompt here with respect to 10 time higher absorbency while you compare with disposable. However it might be true that reusable have more sturdy all the time.

Moreover, we suggest you bring both types because washable pee pads have long life. They doesn't shrink & thoroughly attend for maximum times. 

Large size reusable pee pads for older dogs


  • A comfortable size for older dog
  • Top layer have higher absorbency
  • Available two piece per packet in same price
  • Don't shrink or damage after the wash.


  • NO one washable pad does capable to turn liquid into gel. 

Verdict :

These types doesn't suitable to change urine into get like substance and have no scent available to replace the odors. These are machine washable and reusable. 

7. Brand Four Paws Wee-Wee Puppy Training X-Large Dog pad

The last & Foremost nugget added to our premium brand list is from the house of wee-wee. Brand sponsor promises the pad has 80% larger than average pee pads. It's 6-layer leak-proof contribution put for sudden locks of moisture & Marely help to keep floor active and dry.

The last & Foremost nugget added to our premium brand list is from the house of wee-wee. Brand sponsor promises the pad has 80% larger than average pee pads. It's 6-layer leak-proof contribution put for sudden locks of moisture & Marely help to keep floor active and dry.

We interrupt you here because it was necessary to ensure how these wee-wee brand pads work in real life. On behalf of user behavior and Negative feedback, we try to find out the actual truth. Well, our experience might be good while we used it for our injured dog.

When we go through the customer review at the Amazon shopping website. There we saw a global rating 4.7 out of 5. Onto it 85% buyer given 5+ rating and 2% ratio who are dissatisfied. So, you could get an idea from there about the performance of the pee pad.

x-large dog pee pads for older dogs


  • Manufacturer promised pad has 80% larger than average pad
  • 6-Layer Leak Proof Technology
  • 2 wet top layer for fast absorption
  •  The pad is 28 inches x 34 inches
  • A good solution for indoor waste management


  • Price is high 

Verdict :

Price is high but quality matters. These pads famous continuously improve their mistakes since the year 1970. you can go for it when preferring assured quality.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Difference between reusable & washable pee pads?

Those pads washed by hand or washing machine simply called washable pee pads. Intrinsically, same pad reuse though we named them reusable pad. Moreover, these are two different terms but the primary meaning is the same.

How long do dog pee pads last?

As you know there are two types of pee pads available in the market & they are named disposable(one-time use) & Washable(reuse). These washable pee pads are continuously long-lasting for approx. 300 washes without any shrinkage and demolish issue.

Do pee pads work for older dogs?

Absolutely yes, large-size pee pads are often used for senior and older dogs. Size may consider before purchasing pads. It must be XXL and have an advanced capacity of absorption.

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